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November 9, 2010 / biebersquadron

Ne-Yo claims that He was the One Who Discovered JUSTIN BIEBER

Singer Ne-Yo recently claimed it was him — not Usher — who discovered tween sensation Justin Bieber two years ago. But at the launch party for Rico Love’s new record label last weekend, Usher remained mum on the discrepancy.

Niteside asked Usher for the truth, but the hit-maker declined: “Um — next question please.”

For proof of Usher’s scouting talent, one didn’t need to look farther thanRico Love, whom Usher has grown close to over the years.

“Not only has he written for me, but he is like family,” Usher said of the producer, who wrote his hits, “Daddy’s Home” and “There Goes My Baby.”

“He was my artist,” Usher said. “When I first met him, I was very adamant about him not putting all of his eggs in one basket, but I really saw potential in him as a writer.”

He added, smiling, “Seeing him as an executive with his new artists and all the incredible people who came out to show support, it’s all about Rico Love — I’m proud”

Now the smooth singer is prepping for his upcoming tour, which begins Nov. 12 in Oakland, Calif. And for any fans wondering about Usher’s dating status, Niteside has good news.

“I’m very single,” he said. “I’m wouldn’t say I’m not looking for love. I’m just looking to find me.”


November 9, 2010 / biebersquadron

Justin Bieber’s My Worlds Acoustic Album Drops On Black Friday

November 26 certainly won’t be a Black Friday for Justin Bieber fans. His acoustic album, My Worlds Acoustic, drops that day, which also happens to be the biggest shopping day of the year. The album will be sold exclusively through Walmart.



press release for the album notes that in addition to acoustic versions of Bieber’s hits, there’s a new song on the album called “Pray.” It’s being described as an “optimistic, uplifting song, and represents the spirit behind My Worlds Acoustic.” The press release also says that “Justin intends the album as a gift to his fans; the arrangements reflect Justin’s early days with merely an acoustic guitar or a lone piano.

“The album adds additional acoustic instrumentation such as a string quartet, congas, and a cajon drum,” the press release continues. “The percussion represents inspiration from Justin’s worldly travels, most recently to Africa. Justin plays guitar on the album alongside his musical director and fellow guitarist Dan Kanter.”

When MTV News spoke to Bieber about the album earlier this month, he explained why he wanted to release an acoustic album. “I really think that I did an acoustic album because there’s a lot of haters out there that say, ‘Justin Bieber can’t sing. His voice is all Auto-Tuned,’ ” he said. “And there’s a lot with production, it kind of drowns out your voice, and it takes away from the singer, over the synths and everything.”

My Worlds Acoustic will allow Bieber’s true talent to shine through. “I think kind of stripping it down and having it kind of really mellow and being able to hear my voice is why I wanted to do it.”

Source: MTV

November 1, 2010 / biebersquadron

Fans Say Meeting Him At Book Signing Was ‘Amazing’

Forget trick-or-treating: Justin Bieber’s army of dedicated fans gathered in Los Angeles Sunday afternoon to meet Bieber and have him sign copies of his book, “Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever: My Story”. So what was it like for those who got to come face-to-face with their teen dream? MTV News found out!

“He was, like, so amazing, and he’s wearing the most adorable thing ever,” Amber Culwell gushed. “And I got to give him the hat I bought him, and we gave him candy and a note.”

Apparently there were lots of hugs doled out at the book signing.

Audrey Altman added, “We went up to him, and I was like, ‘Hi, can I have a hug?’ and then he grabbed my hand, put his arms around me and was like, ‘Of course!’ ”

Daisey Nicholas had an equally exciting encounter with the star. “I went up and I was really excited,” she said. “What happened is I went up and I put my arm around him and he said ‘hi’ to me.”

Another Belieber, Allie Tamonzian, was still super-buzzed from the encounter when she spoke to MTV News. “It was amazing,” she said. “It went so fast, though. I wish I could talk to him more, but I got a hug out of it.”

Sofia Nunez recalled, “We took a picture with him. My favorite part [of the book] is when he talks about his family because I feel like family is important, and to him it’s important, too. And he hasn’t changed since he was that small-town kid, and now he’s this big superstar and he’s still the same.”

Other Bieber fans were also eager to share their favorite parts of the book. “I’m just really shocked right now. I’m just so happy,” Sabine Rutten said. “I just like how you can tell he wrote it. I love the pictures, but he also talks about his family and his background. I felt like I knew him.”

November 1, 2010 / biebersquadron


The track listing for Justin’s New Acoustic Album has been released. View the ‘My Worlds: Acoustic track list below.

1. “One Time”
2. “Baby”
3. “One Less Lonely Girl”
4. “Down to Earth”
5. “U Smile”
6. “Stuck in the Moment”
7. “Favorite Girl” (Live)
8. “That Should Be Me”
9. “Never Say Never” ft. Jaden Smith
10. “Pray”

October 29, 2010 / biebersquadron

Access Spotlight: Justin Bieber On His Early YearsAccess Spotlight: Justin Bieber On His Early Years

HONOLULU, HawaiiJustin Bieber‘s skyrocket ride to international superstardom has brought him comparisons to Michael Jackson. In fact, Justin told Access Hollywood’s Maria Menounos it’s a Michael-type career he’s reaching for.

But what do fans really know about the Canadian singing sensation? Maria met up with Justin to put him in the Access Hollywood Spotlight!

PLAY IT NOW: Access Spotlight: Will Justin Bieber Be As Big As Michael Jackson?

Over 8,000 fans infected with Bieber Fever waited to get inside the Neal Blaisdell Center in Honolulu, Hawaii earlier this month for the first of two sold out Justin Bieber concerts on his “My World” tour, sponsored by X-Box 360, and Maria was there with the singer as he met up with fans for a special meet and greet.

Soaking in the adulation in his signature low-slung skinny jeans, the Justin today is a far cry from his humble beginnings.

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“I mean, it’s crazy like – just to think that three years ago,” he said of going from hopeful to superstar.

It was as recent as 2007 when a then-12-year-old Justin competed in his hometown Stratford, Ontario’s talent show, “Stratford Idol.”

“What made you want to compete in that?” Maria asked.

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“I had nothing to do really and I saw it posted at school I was like, ‘I should try out for this,’ and so I ended up trying out and I made it,” Justin said. “I ended up getting second place in the competition.”

“You didn’t take any singing lessons growing up?” Maria asked.

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“Not really, no. I took like the last… right at the end of ‘Stratford,’… I took them for like two weeks and then I moved to Atlanta,” he said.

“I read somewhere you took some drumming lessons,” Maria mentioned.

“Yeah. Took drum lessons when I was like 6 to like… 10,” Justin revealed.

Justin grew up in public housing, raised primarily by his single mom Pattie. Justin’s dad Jeremy visited regularly and introduced his son to rock ‘n’ roll.

“We were in a really poor apartment… We just depended on how much my mom made… how much the rent would be,” Justin said. “I didn’t have a lot of money. but like, I always had a place to stay like I always had a meal, you know my grandparents spoiled me a lot.”

But Justin’s life was about to change. He and his mom took the videos of him competing and posted them online, merely as a way for out of town family and friends to see what he had done. Justin continued to add more videos of himself performing and others quickly took notice.

“When you were putting them up you were doing it for your friends and family, when you started to see the views rack up, what were you thinking?” Maria asked about the videos, which scored 10 million online views..

“I was basically just like… I couldn’t believe it, like I can’t believe this is happening,” he said.

October 24, 2010 / biebersquadron

Variety’s 4th Annual Power Of Youth Event (Photoshoot)

October 23, 2010 / biebersquadron

Justin Bieber’s Memoir Gets Dramatic Reading

Upon its release last week, Justin Bieber‘s memoir “First Step 2 Forever: My Story” introduced the world to the 16-year-old pop star’s musings on music, girls and his hair.  80-year-old actor Gordon Pinsent riffed on the high drama during a sketch on Canadian comedy show “This Hour Has 22 Minutes,” in which he performed the most memorable selections from “First Step 2 Forever.”

Wearing a gray suit and bowtie, Pinsent sits fireside and appears moved by Bieber’s words; after reading about the singer’s Bart Simpson-esque botched haircut, the actor wipes his eyes and says, “Dear God… what he must have gone through.” The clip ends with Pinsent staring longingly at Bieber’s face on the book cover and saying, “Oh, the girls… the grilled cheese… I wish I was you.”

Justin Bieber’s Memoir: 10 Awesome Quotes

Poking fun at Bieber is already winning new fans for self-proclaimed “Canadian icon” Pinsent, best known to U.S. audiences for his performances in “Away From Her” and “The Shipping News.” Since debuting on “This Hour Has 22 Minutes” on Tuesday, the sketch has earned over 91,000 views on YouTube.

Justin Bieber’s Alleged Assault Victim Files Formal Complaint


October 18, 2010 / biebersquadron

Justin Bieber investigated for assault, sources say he was victim of homophobic bullying: report

Is Justin Bieber the latest victim of homophobic bullying?

The teen pop sensation was reportedly being investigated for assault in British Columbia, Canada, this weekend, following a 12-year-old’s claim that Bieber hit him on Friday during a game of laser tag.

But sources now say that Bieber was only defending himself, and that his accuser was actually taunting him with gay slurs.

Bieber, 16, reportedly showed up at Planet Lazer with two body guards and proceeded to play a round of laser tag with about a dozen other kids, according to

The owner of the facility told the Canadian news site that the singer was kicked out of the building after the boy complained to the staff.

Canadian blogger spoke to staffers at Planet Lazer who said Bieber “accidentally” hit a boy after being cornered during the game.

According to sources who witnessed the encounter, TMZ reports that the 12-year-old repeatedly went after Bieber, harassing him and specifically targeting him.

When Bieber asked him to lay off and play by the rules, the boy said, “What are you going to do about it faggot?”

He reportedly continued to taunt Bieber, saying “You’re a faggot,” again and sticking his hand out, which the singer pushed away.

The gossip site reports that the assault complaint was filed by the boy’s father, who had repeatedly announced “I’m a lawyer” during the incident.

Bieber is set to perform at a concert in Vancouver on Tuesday.

Read more:

October 15, 2010 / biebersquadron

Justin Bieber’s ‘Never Say Never’: The Rejected Movie Posters!

Having already conquered the worlds of music, literature and nail polish, Justin Bieber will be taking over your local cinema early next year. Bieber’s film (which includes both backstage and performance footage and delivered in glorious 3-D) has been talked about for a while, but this morning it finally got a title. “Never Say Never” (which shares its name with the song that Bieber made with Jaden Smith for the soundtrack to “The Karate Kid”) will be hitting a theater near you this coming February. The reveal came after two days’ worth of puzzle pieces getting dropped around the Internet. When those pieces finally came together, they formed the poster for the film. “Never Say Never” is a good title, as it reinforces the fact that Bieber’s rise to fame has all been about making the improbable totally normal. But there had to have been a handful of titles left on the cutting room floor, which is why we dreamed up a few alternate versions of the poster. They probably discussed a handful of references to the fact that the film will be in 3-D (hence the aggressive title “Cominatcha!”), at least one title dedicated to Bieber’s heritage (the quirky-but-functional “Canadian Bacon II”) and a few that reference classic music-related films (like “The Last Pop and Lock” and “This Is Bieber Tap”). Also, what’s the best way to insure that the movie makes a kajillion dollars at the box office? Just call it “Avatar.” But in any good brainstorming session, you always have to have at least one idea that is the opposite of the one you end up choosing. That’s why we’re certain they experimented with “Always Say Always.”

(Click here for more rejected titles for Justin Bieber’s upcoming movie!)

October 11, 2010 / biebersquadron

Justin Bieber takes dirty mags on the road?

A report has claimed that Justin Bieber takes Playboy magazines on the road with him when he tours.

Apparently Bieber, who recently admitted that he gets lonely on the road, has a secret stash of the magazines.

“He has a couple issues that he and the guys look through when they are bored on the road,” a source said. “

They take turns being responsible for them, and have a little game of who can get caught carrying them first.”

Justin recently revealed that he would love to have Twilight actor Robert Pattinson as a wingman for picking up ladies. “I love talking to girls and going on dates. My ideal wingman would be Robert Pattinson,” he said.

Source: Flecking Records

October 10, 2010 / biebersquadron

Justin Bieber HAWAII concert videos

October 10, 2010 / biebersquadron

Justin Bieber BANNED from Dating?

JUSTIN Bieber has been banned from dating!

The teen singer’s mom, Pattie Mallette, apparently laid down the law after Bieber was caught kissing Jasmine Villegas, who is part of his opening act, in the back of a Honda.

“Pattie’s freaking out that she’s losing control of her boy,” a source said. “And she’s afraid that his obsession with girls is sapping his time and energy, and jeopardizing his music career.

“Pattie warned her son about Hollywood social climbing and told him Jasmine could be just using him to further her own career.

“But it pretty much went in one ear and out the other. When it comes to girls, Justin’s out of control.

“Right now his mom says girls are a complication he doesn’t need.”

Recent reports claimed Bieber, 16, has his own secret stash of Playboy magazines that he takes on tour.

“He has a couple issues that he and the guys look through when they are bored on the road,” a source said.

“They take turns being responsible for them, and have a little game of who can get caught carrying them first.”